September 14, 2017

How cryptofinance changes the world

The world of cryptocurrency has been growing at a staggering pace. While Bitcoin is still the most popular digital currency, many different altcoins have been attracting considerable amounts of capital. Because of this ever-growing interest in digital currencies, the goal of our conference is to discuss their long-term capabilities and impact.

With cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is inevitably linked. It has been quite a few years now since this much-praised technology has first appeared in the mainstream. So it is time to take stock: how has blockchain effectively changed industries? And how has it effected our very personal life? What are the actual use cases? And what is still to come?

On September 14, 2017, leading experts are going to talk about these topics at Kaufleuten Zürich.

Bitcoin, Blockchain simplified
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Welcome to Finance 2.0

Keynote by Konrad Hummler
Digital De-institutionalization – Socio-economic Implications of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain for Financial Inclusion
Jean-Baptiste Decorzent
Redefining smart contract security auditing
Securify is pushing the boundaries of smart contract security for a stronger and more resilient blockchain ecosystem Arthur Gervais & Petar Tsankov
Coffee Break

Bitcoin's Price Speculation: Bubbles & Facts
Tone Vays
Why physical keys will secure the digital world
Douglas Bakkum



Cool Down: Drinx. Chat. Network

Douglas Bakkum
Shift Devices AG
Douglas co-founded Shift Devices and is the inventor of the Digital Bitbox cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Shift Devices builds personal physical keys for the digital world. These keys solve the problem of how digital assets can be secured in the safest way possible that is still simple for users. Douglas is an accomplished neuroengineering scientist (Ph.D. Georgia Tech) and former group leader at ETH Zürich (6 years) with a diverse background spanning mechanical engineering (M.Sc. and B.Sc.), AI, cognitive science and robotics. On the side, his collaborative works in the bioart field, the Meart and CellF projects, have been exhibited around the world and received numerous prizes.
Jan Brzezek
Crypto Fund AG
Co-Founder & CEO
Jan is a strong believer that digitization of value will be one of the 21st century’s most transformative themes. He became fascinated by blockchain & cryptocurrencies in his role as business manager for the president of UBS Asset Management. In addition to this role, he was global innovation expert for UBS and worked on the impact of new technologies on the UBS business model and was responsible for the smart structured product proof-of-concept. Earlier he worked several years in derivatives and fixed income sales and trading for UBS in Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong. Further-on he was derivatives expert in the exchange regulation at the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent
Everex Global
Over 18 years of experience in leading key initiatives and projects for global entities ranging from start-ups to multinationals and governmental to international organizations. Sound expertise in ICT/Mobile Telecom, Mobile Money, Humanitarian & Development, Renewable Energy, Strategic Planning & Partnerships, Inclusive Finance, Blockchain ( , Ericsson, Nokia, ICRC, IOM, SDC,..). Creative thinker and adept at executing challenging projects and solving complex problems. Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe and the Middle East.
Arthur Gervais
ETH Zurich
Blockchain Security and Privacy Senior Researcher
Arthur is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Institute of Information Security at ETH Zürich, mainly interested in the security and privacy of decentralized ledgers. Arthur will join Imperial College London in October 2017 as Lecturer (equivalent Assistant Professor) and will also be Lecturer (Dozent) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). From December 2012 to December 2016, he was working at ETH Zurich on his PhD thesis "On the Security, Performance and Privacy of Proof of Work Blockchains" as well as on Web Privacy. He obtained his Master degrees from KTH Stockholm (Sweden) and Aalto University (Finland) in 2012. Furthermore, he holds a diplôme d'ingénieur from INSA de Lyon (France) from 2012. His Master's thesis was on the security of industrial control systems.
Dr. Konrad Hummler
Konrad graduated in Law from the University of Zurich and in Economic Science from the U.S. University of Rochester. In the eighties he acted as personal assistant to the president of the board of directors of former UBS, Dr. Robert Holzach. From 1989 until 2012 as managing partner with unlimited liability he was instrumental in the unprecedented success story of Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers, St. Gallen. In addition to his bank activities, he was member of the board of various companies, including Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Swiss National Bank (SNB) or the German Stock Exchange. Since 2013 Konrad Hummler has headed M1 AG, a private think-tank dealing with strategic issues of current interest. Dr. Konrad Hummler was appointed as a Member of the Board of Bühler in 2010. In addition, he is strongly committed to cultural and social projects.
Petar Tsankov
ETH Zurich

Petar is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Software Reliability Lab at ETH Zurich. The goal of his research is to make it easier for developers who are not security experts to build secure and reliable systems. Towards this goal, he combines novel techniques from Program Analysis, Machine Learning, and Probabilistic Programming to build new practical systems that solve important problems in Information Security.
Petar obtained his PhD and Master's degree from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and his Bachelor’s degree from at Georgia Tech (USA).

Tone Vays

Blockchain Consultant
Tone has worked on Wall Street for almost 10 years starting as a Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns and later becoming a VP at JP Morgan Chase in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. His expertise is in Economic Trends, Trading and Risk Analysis. Ever since getting involved in the Crypto Currency / Blockchain ecosystem in early 2013, he has been very active in spreading the relevance and importance of this technology as it helps promote economic freedom. Tone was recently featured in a Bitcoin Documentary – Magic Money. He is now an independent content creator at LibertyLifeTrail & has one of the more popular YouTube Channels in the space in addition to being a contributor at WorldCryptoNetwork. Tone holds a Masters Degree in Financial Engineering along with Bachelor Degrees in Mathematics and Geology.
Marc P. Bernegger
Serial Web Entrepreneur & Fintech Investor
Host Finance 2.0
Marc is a web entrepreneur and Fintech-Investor. He co-founded the party-plattform in his twenties and sold it later to Axel Springer Media. He is co-founder of amiando, a ticketing-plattform, which was bought by Xing and has been awarded by WEF as a “Global Technology Pioneer”. Since 2010, Marc is active as a fintech investor. He is in the advisory board of FinLeap, partner at Next Generation Invest, co-founder of Finance 2.0 and he is board member of Falcon Private Bank, Crypto Fund and Greater Zurich Area. Marc was awarded as «100 most successful people under 40 in Switzerland» by BILANZ in 2015. He bought his first bitcoins in 2012 and is fascinated by the opportunities this new asset class has to offer.
Rino Borini
Host Finance 2.0
Rino is the co-founder and CEO of financialmedia AG. The independent media company releases different publications which cover economical and financial topics. The company organizes, furthermore, many events and conferences. However, Rino's professional background is in the financial industry. He worked in different leading positions. He is a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and he acquired in his past career fundamental knowledge in banking and capital investments.
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